Landscape Design & Construction

Gourlay Landscapes is proud to offer a variety of Landscaping Services. We have expertise in Paving, Vertical Wall Gardens, Sprinkler Systems, Retaining Walls, Decking and Timber Structures as well as Landscape Design and Project Management. In 2015, we will be launching our Garden Maintenance Service. Please contact us for more information.  

Landscape Design

Our team at Gourlay Landscapes works closely throughout the entire landscape design and construction process with clients. We value client input – an understanding of your needs and ideas are an important aspect of original landscape design. Your expectations, when partnered with our expertise will work to create a garden which perfectly suits both your home and your lifestyle.

There are 3 major steps in the Landscape Design Process:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Landscape Concept Plan
  • Final Plan and Quotation

Plant Brokerage

Gourlay Landscapes Robert Gourlay has been in the Horticulture Industry for over 25 years. Robert heads Gourlay Landscapes Plant Brokerage Service which aims to provide outstanding plant material to Property Developers, Industry Bodies and Professionals. Because of Robert’s extensive knowledge and expertise, he can also assist in determining the right plant choices to coincide with client requirements. Robert was also involved in the supply and installation of plants at Melbourne’s Crown Casino when it was constructed in 1998.

Wall Gardens

Vertical garden walls are becoming the most popular way to utilise and increase space where space is limited. These innovative living walls are perfect for both outdoors and indoors. They can also be used to create a unique and striking feature wall.

Easily installed, our vertical garden walls are made to order and come in a range of sizes.

Gourlay Landscapes have also developed a portable garden wall. This grow wall on wheels can be used to create an ultimate outdoor sanctuary while maximizing existing space. It is an ideal addition to personalise your wedding or special function; and is perfect as a convenient and accessible herb garden.

The portable garden wall connects to your existing irrigation system or standard hose fitting with each pot irrigated by an individual dripper. Please contact Gourlay Landscapes for more information or to find out how a vertical garden wall can improve your indoor/outdoor area.

Sprinkler Systems

The issue of Water Conservation is top priority at Gourlay Landscapes. We are up-to-date with local water restrictions and can recommend a Sprinkler System which will assist you in complying with local water laws. We specialise in Sprinkler System Installations (both Automatic and Manual) and Sprinkler System Repairs. We also use the latest Sprinkler Computer System Technology which is a fantastic way to ensure that your garden is regularly watered.


Paving can transform your garden from an ordinary backyard into an intriguing escape. Paving a courtyard can turn an outdoor BBQ area into an outdoor entertaining haven. At Gourlay Landscapes we are able to pave any size area and have experience in using a variety of paving materials.

Garden Maintenance Service

Our professional team will ensure your garden is well looked after, so that it can be enjoyed all year round. Our maintenance services include:

  • Lawn repair, mowing, edging and restoration
  • Irrigation installation and repair
  • Pruning, hedging, trimming
  • General garden care (weeding, pest control, fertilising)
  • Sweeping and mulching
  • High pressure cleans (e.g. paving and decking)

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